Dangerous Roads?

Our Auto Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

The auto accident attorneys at our firm have successfully secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for injured client. This is due to the many defectively designed and improperly maintained roads in your area. However, like with defective auto parts, the environment in which the accident took place must be examined and investigated. A defect in roadway design or the absence or failure of roadway safety equipment can cause accidents. Our auto accident attorneys will examine the entire accident for all possible avenues of causation and liability.

Along with general personal injury knowledge, Thomas Brandi has extensive experience with roadway design defect cases. As a former lawyer for the California Department of Transportation, his experience has helped our law firm develop a strong legal reputation.

Single Vehicle Incidents

While accidents are never one-size fits all, most people view injuries and property damage following an accident as the fault of the driver who caused the accident. Therefore, when a single vehicle accident occurs, people often assume the accident was their own fault. However, Brandi Lawyers know that this is often untrue. With over 150 years of experience, we will look into the past conduct of the driver. This helps us determine if a road feature or automobile defect caused the accident.

Brandi Lawyers have successfully represented countless drivers and passengers involved in single vehicle accidents. These cases are typically against the State of California and numerous cities/counties for defectively designed or improperly maintained roads. Our attorneys know how to proceed in these complex cases to establish public property liability where it is often overlooked.

Crossover Accidents

When a vehicle crosses over into the opposite direction of traffic, the results can be tragic. Crossover accidents are one of the highest speed impacts that can occur. Given the high likelihood of catastrophic injuries, the crossover driver rarely has sufficient insurance to compensate for the damage they cause.

Many state roads and highways have median barriers designed to contain vehicles in their direction of travel. However, many roads still lack these safety features, even where there is a significant history of crossover collisions. Thomas Brandi is a skilled crossover case attorney. His case work helped create the first median barrier on a 2-lane highway in California.

Dangerous Intersections? Our Auto Accidents Attorneys Can Help

Sometimes intersections are designed with insufficient traffic controls, or crosswalks are created by traffic planners in places where oncoming cars cannot see them. Other times, a once well-designed intersection may have become a road hazard with the passage of time, such as when the crosswalk’s paint becomes so worn that drivers approaching the intersection cannot see it or when increased traffic necessitates a dedicated left turn lane.

When an accident occurs at an intersection, Brandi Lawyers investigate all potential contributing factors. We seek the original intersection plans, signage and warning history, and investigate any changes that may lead to dangerous conditions.

Whether due to dangerous design, failure to include markings, or inadequate visibility, Brandi Lawyers are experts in evaluating intersections.