Practice Area: Collisions and Defective Cars


Intersections create a unique potential for conflicts between drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Appropriate traffic control systems, signage, and visibility are required to prevent accidents at intersections. When intersections are poorly designed, marked or maintained, accidents are inevitable.

Sometimes intersections are designed with insufficient traffic controls, or crosswalks are created by traffic planners in places where oncoming cars cannot see them. Other times, a once well-designed intersection may have become a road hazard with the passage of time, such as when the crosswalk’s paint becomes so worn that drivers approaching the intersection cannot see it or when increased traffic necessitates a dedicated left turn lane.

When an accident occurs at an intersection, Brandi Lawyers investigate all potential contributing factors. We seek the original intersection plans, signage and warning history, and investigate any changes that may lead to the intersection becoming a dangerous condition.

Whether due to dangerous design, failure to include markings, or inadequate visibility, Brandi Lawyers are experts in evaluating intersections and discovering often overlooked dangerous conditions.


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