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San Francisco Car Accident AttorneysMost of us are not planning on getting into a auto accident when we leave home or work. Unfortunately, we should. According to statistics, each of us should be ready to retain San Francisco auto accident attorneys that specialize in auto accidents. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Data points out that most of us will be caught up in three to four auto accidents throughout our lifetime.

Believe it or not, practically 30 percent of all auto tangles nationwide end up minimally with someone injured or sadly a fatality. Our San Francisco auto accident attorneys are needed now or most motorists will need them sooner or later. For many, knowing how to proceed after they are severely injured in a auto accident is daunting. That is why having our San Francisco auto accident attorneys be your advocate in this type of matter is imperative.

The Brandi Law Firm is a group of San Francisco auto accident attorneys that know the industry. They fight for injured clients vigorously. If you have been hurt by someone that was negligent or just plain reckless on the road, give us a call now. There is no better way to protect your interests than talking to the experienced auto accident attorneys at our firm. The following information is mind-blowing with regard to how many traffic accidents happen in the San Francisco area.

San Francisco Auto Accidents

The crash statistics below are from 2014. They list the accidents that resulted in some form of injury or a fatality. The California Office of Traffic Safety states that just over 19,000 San Francisco travel accidents occurred just in 2014. This number includes accidents that involved not only vehicles but pedestrians, as well. The record shows that 22 percent of accidents were related to speed and over 11 percent involved alcohol of some kind.

This all comes down to that basically every year there are thousands that are wrongfully or fatally injured in San Francisco auto accidents. The individuals that became part of a statistic all needed legal help in some capacity. That is why the need is so great for experienced auto accident attorneys. The Brandi Law Firm in San Francisco is ready to help and fight for you or your loved one when you call today.

California Uninsured Motorist Accidents

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that 15 percent of drivers in California probably are on the road without auto insurance. In addition to that, many of them only carry the minimum coverage because it is more affordable. As a result, it is probable that you may be hurt in a auto accident by a driver who has no coverage or does not have sufficient coverage for the crash. That leads to the concern that their policy may not be able to fully compensate you if you are seriously injured.

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If you are injured in a auto accident, there are options for you. It does not mean that you cannot receive the justice that you so rightly deserve. If your insurance policy has uninsured motorist coverage you can file a claim with your own auto insurance company. This would allow for some financial assistance. There are several other avenues that can be pursued. Contact our San Francisco auto accident attorneys for help. Call The Brandi Law Firm today so that we can begin the fight for you.