New European Yaz Study Confirms Health Risks

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has issued its monthly report which includes a section highlighting the risks of venous thromboembolism (VTE) for women who take Yaz and any other oral contraceptive that contains drospirenone. The EMA Pharmacovigilance Working Party (PhVWP) reviewed all available data including recent publications and information regarding the risks of VTEs associated [...]

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FDA Orders Avandia to be Pulled from Pharmacy Shelves

Yesterday, the FDA ordered GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to stop selling diabetes drug Avandia in retail pharmacies starting later this year. Once the best selling diabetes drug in the world with $3 billion in annual revenue, GSK still generated $680 million in Avandia sales last year even after the significant risks of this drug became known.  In [...]

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FDA Orders Artificial Hip Makers to Perform Study

According to the May 11. 2011 article in the New York times, The FDA  has ordered the manufacturers of the De Puy artificial hip and all producers of metal on metal  artificial hips to undertake studies of the implants, which have been linked to high early failure rates and severe health effects in some patients. [...]

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British Study Finds 49% of DePuy ASR Hips Fail At 6 Years

The more attention that is paid to the DePuy metal on metal replacement hips, the more it seems that the problem is bigger than anyone thinks.  Initially, the projected rates of failure of the DePuy ASR was in the realm of about 12-13%.  (DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit).  In fact, at one point DePuy claimed on [...]

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Avandia Maker Seeks to Settle 1000 More Cases

A Bloomberg article reports that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is seeking to settle with 1000 patients who claim to be injured by the diabetes drug Avandia.  There are about 5300 cases pending in state courts concerning Avandia, which was pulled from the market in Europe and meant to be used only in limited cases in the United [...]

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