Is that Ruby Real?

The controversy over selling as real rubies glass filled and treated gem stones is the recent subject not only of recent lawsuits against MACY’S, (SF Superior Court Nos. CGC-09-495171 and CGC-10-495868) but a topic of great concern amongst professionals who strongly resent the practice of falsely portraying rubies as real when they are not. See [...]

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Watch Your Head! Post-Concussive Syndrome and You

By Mylene Reuvekamp With the recent injury to quarterback Colt McCoy, there has been a lot of discussion about concussions.  Most people assume that a concussion or post-concussive syndrome can't occur unless there has been a loss of consciousness.  In fact, this is not the case and generally no physical swelling or bleeding are seen [...]

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Are these Kids’ Pajamas Safe?

By Thomas J. Brandi For a number of years, we have often read of children being badly burned in house fires where their pajamas actually made the fire’s effects worse due to issues of flammability. As a result, consumer advocates fought very hard to toughened standards and remove the market unsafe pajamas, greatly reducing the [...]

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Fake Rubies, Fake Diamonds, Macy’s and You

As we approach Christmas, many people will stroll though Macy’s stores and pass by the beautifully displayed gemstones.  Sitting under glass with lots of reflecting light you will find rubies, diamonds, sapphires and other prized stones.  Stuck way out of the way in some stores is a little card that tells you that what you [...]

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Yaz, Bayer, and the Whole Truth

According to documents unsealed in litigation involving the YAZ birth control product made by Bayer, former FDA head David Kessler stated Bayer didn't include an analysis “that demonstrated an increase in the U.S. reporting rate” for venous thromboembolism, or clots, in a 2004 review of Yasmin's safety provided to the agency. According to Kessler “Bayer [...]

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