18,871 2013 Cadillac SRX’s Recalled

General Motors announced that 18,871 2013 Cadillac SRX’s were being recalled because the wheel lug nuts may loosen causing the wheels to separate from the vehicle leading to catastrophic potential results.  The vehicles involved are Cadillac SRXs manufactured between January 31, 2012 and March 18, 2013, a significant portion of the product line. GM will [...]

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Are Too Many Doctors Simply Sales People for Big Pharma?

Big Pharma paid doctors more than $1 billion in 2012 to act in various spokesperson capacities, for travel and meals, as well as research and royalties, which is significantly more than reported in 2011.  According to a new data reported in the Financial Times, that figure only includes the 12 leading drug makers who actually [...]

Who is Responsible for J&J’s DePuy ASR, Pinnacle, Ethicon’s Gynecare, and Merck’s Vioxx and Fosamax?

Consumers injured by defective devices face an armada of attorneys as they seek to hold accountable device makers such as J&J’s hip implants DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, J&J’s transvaginal mesh product Ethicon, and Merck’s FOSAMAX that has left countless post menopausal women with atypical femur fractures.  Currently there are over 10,000 pending cases in the [...]

Why Is the FDA Having Another Hearing on Avandia?

On June 5-6, 2013, the FDA will convene an advisory committee meeting on Avandia, a drug which was removed in most countries in 2010 and placed under severe restrictions in the US. Avandia, a project of GSK (GlaxoSmithkline), was the subject of extreme medical controversy and massive litigation in both the MDL and in State [...]

MACY’S Affirmative Defenses Against Plaintiffs in Fake Jewelry Case Suspend Reality

After multiple unsuccessful motions seeking to dismiss Plaintiffs claims that it was selling rubies and other fine jewelry as “real” or “natural” when they were clearly not, Macy’s finally filed its answer to the Plaintiff’s complaint in the fake jewelry case heard before the Hon. John Munter of the San Francisco Superior Court (San Francisco [...]

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Is the Supreme Court Truly Neutral When a Business is Sued?

When a business is a party, does everyone stand the same before the US Supreme Court? We know from the controversial decision in Citizens United corporations have been allowed to spend as much as they wished in the election process.  In other decisions the Roberts Court has shielded corporations from class action suits (Wal-Mart vs. [...]

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J&J’s DePuy Unit Abandons Pinnacle and All Metal Hip Implants

On May 16, 2013, in what many health advocates feel is a long overdue move, J&J’s DePuy Orthopedic unit announced it was stopping the manufacture of all metal replacement hips.  In August 2010 the unit recalled the DePuy ASR in the face of mounting evidence of high failure rates but continued to sell the all [...]

Vaginal Mesh and Litigation Status

As a result of numerous suits filed by women for injuries sustained from transvaginal mesh, the Federal Court system placed these cases in a consolidated system and the MDL panel assigned these cases to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia under Chief Judge Joseph R. Goodwin. Judge Goodwin was appointed a [...]

Risperdal adds to DePuy and Ethicon Troubles for J&J

Johnson and Johnson (J&J), already embroiled in massive litigation in DePuy ASR artificial hips, and in the trans vaginal mesh litigation from its Ethicon Gynecare products, faces another significant issue over its mounting legal troubles stemming from its antipsychotic drug Risperdal.  The drug was approved in 1993 for use in adults and was also later [...]

Vaginal Mesh and Pelvic Prolapse

Many of the women who received vaginal mesh did so because of a condition known as Pelvic Prolapse.  Some of the women were not fully aware of non-surgical alternatives or treatments for this condition.  The FDA has information on this condition, which is excerpted in parts below. What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse? Pelvic organ prolapse [...]