NHTSA Proposes Side Impact Testing for Child Restraint Systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] has proposed upgrades to the federal motor vehicle safety standards [FMVSS] for child restraint systems.  The proposed amendment is to FMVSS No. 213, “Child restraint systems,” to adopt side impact performance requirements for all child seats designed to seat children who weight up to 40 pounds.  This would [...]

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1.25 Million Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips Recalled due to Choking Hazard

Playtex will recall 1.25 million Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips due to a choking hazard.  These pacifier holder clips attach a pacifier to clothing articles, diaper bags, and strollers.  The pacifier holder clips have been reported to crack and small parts of the product can break off.  When the parts break off, this presents a choking [...]

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Ford Recalls 27,933 Ford Edge Vehicles due to Fuel Line Defect; Fifth Fuel Line Defect since July 2012 for Ford

For the second time, Ford will recall 27, 933 Ford Edge vehicles due to a fuel line defect.  These Edge models were manufactured from September 2, 2010, through April 25, 2013, and the models affected are from 2012-2013.  The vehicles being recalled are equipped with 2.0L engines.  The first time these vehicles were recalled was [...]

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Government Going After Doctor Kickbacks

In the history of drug litigation, one fact that clearly emerged is that companies paid doctors a lot of money or provided a great deal of free samples and gifts to promote their drugs.  Many times the doctors were “thought leaders” or provided stipends to make “academic presentations” to doctors with the real purpose of [...]

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GM to Recall 303,000 New Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Vehicles due to Fire Risk

Despite being named the North American Truck of the Year today in Detroit, the redesigned and new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado will be recalled due to parts of the pickup's exhaust system could overheat due to a software defect.  Due to the software malfunction, the overheating of the exhaust system could cause a fire.  General Motors [...]

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Combi USA Recalls 33,139 Child Car Seats due to Harness Webbing Defect

Combi USA is recalling 33, 139 child car seats because the harness webbing fails to meet minimum breaking strength requirements established in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213, "Child Restraint Systems."  According to a Combi spokeswoman, one part of the harness that includes a plastic button failed strength tests.  In the event of [...]

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Volvo Recalls 30,926 S60 Vehicles Due to an Oil Pressure Sensor Defect

Volvo will recall 30,926 S60 vehicles because of a defect in the oil pressure warning sensors.  These vehicles were manufactured between June 22, 2010, through May 14, 2012 and equipped with 5-cylinder B5254T5 engine.  The problem is that the warning light will not illuminate during low oil pressure in the vehicle.  Volvo believes the issue [...]

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