Who Dropped the Ball on the GM Ignition Switch Recall?

1.6 million recalled GM vehicles including 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalts, 2003-2007 Saturn Ions, 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR and Pontiac Solstice vehicles, and the 2007 Saturn Sky vehicles models, which are clearly linked to 13 deaths and 31 injuries, as numerous observers, are asking why this occurred. 2005 Saturn Ion The first level of responsibility is [...]

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J&J and the Destroyed Records in Vaginal Mesh Cases

On February 4, 2014, Federal Magistrate Judge Cheryl Eifert found that Johnson and Johnson lost or destroyed thousands of documents and computer files dating back to 2007 related to development of J&J’s Gynecare Prolift and TVT Retropubic meshes. At the time, current J&J CEO Alex Gorsky was the head of the Ethicon Subsidiary responsible for [...]

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Toyota to Pay $1.2 Billion in Criminal Penalties Over Unintended Acceleration Problems After Investigation Revealed Toyota Concealed Information and Misled Consumers

Last week, the Justice Department announced that Toyota will pay $1.2 billion to settle the criminal probe over Toyota’s handling of unintended acceleration problems that began in 2009.  After 8.1 million Toyota vehicles were recalled for this dangerous defect, Toyota will now pay the largest U.S. criminal penalty ever imposed on a car company.  The [...]

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Honda Recalls 886,815 Odysseys due to Fuel Pump Defect

2009 Honda Odyssey Honda will recall 886,815 Odysseys that were manufactured from June 23, 2004 through September 4, 2010 due to a fuel pump defect.  The fuel pump strainer installed may deteriorate over time.  As this occurs, fuel can leak from the vehicle.  Fuel leaks can cause an increase risk of fire.  The [...]

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Hershey Fires Workers Who Successfully Sued Hershey For Back Pay

For years retail sales representatives (RSRs) at Hershey were denied recognition of the value of their labor and were not paid for their overtime.  Working up to 20 hours per week left them uncompensated.  So a group of courageous people filed a lawsuit and sought to hold Hershey accountable for its conduct.  A federal court [...]

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GM Rolls Out Another 3 Recalls Affecting Over 1.5 Million Vehicles; Over 2.9 Million GM Vehicles Recalled within the Last Month

2013 Buick Enclave In the wake of recalling 1,367,146 GM vehicles due to faulty ignition switches that could switch off and an ongoing NHTSA investigation into that particular recall, GM has issued another 3 recalls affecting 7 different models that GM manufacturers.  The total amount of cars affected is 1,543,323.  In the last [...]

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Graco Recalls Additional Child Car Seats due to Buckle Defect, Total Recall Up to 4,176,601

Graco Children’s Products previously recalled 3,773,379 toddler and booster child seats due to a buckle defect last month.  Now, Graco will recall an additional 403,222 seats because of a defect in unlatching the harness buckle.  The buckle becomes stuck in a latched condition so that it cannot be opened by depressing the buckle's release button. [...]

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Teva Agrees to Pay $27.6 Million to Resolve Clozapine Doctor Kickback Allegations

TEVA (Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited) has agreed to pay the State of Illinois and the U.S. Department of Justice $27.6 Million for violating the U.S. False Claims Act.  Units of Teva Pharmaceutical violated the Act by eliciting Dr. Michael Reinstein, an Illinois physician, to prescribe Clozapine, an anti-schizophrenia drug, to patients in federal programs such [...]

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Hershey: Corporate Responsibility in Word and Deed

According to its  website the company founded by Milton S. Hershey, who gave the masses access to chocolate and whose philanthropy made education possible for countless young orphans while amassing an incredible fortune, transferred his ownership and a great deal of his wealth to the Hershey Trust to  be held for the Hershey Industrial School. [...]

Fake Rubies, the FTC, and Macy’s

Corundum is the natural stone that provides us with rubies (red) and sapphires (blue).  It has historically been prized for its unique color, durability, and high value.  As long as people have sought nature’s prized jewels, there have been disreputable people trying to take advantage of customers through deceptive and unfair practices.  In jewelry this [...]

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