Takata Fined 14K a Day by NHTSA for Failing to Cooperate with Airbag Probe

After NHTSA repeatedly urged Takata to take action with its well documented airbag defects, and Takata doing absolutely nothing, NHTSA decided that enough is enough, and hit the Japanese manufacturer with a $14,000 a day fine. Click here to read the full USA Today article: NHTSA hits Takata with $14,000 daily fine for airbags This [...]

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Congress Reexamining Insurance Minimums for the Trucking Industry

In 1980, Congress enacted regulation that the trucks have $750,000 in insurance.  And it has been that amount for thirty-five years, although in real terms that $750,000 is worth $4 million in today’s dollars. On February 26, 2015, comments will close on a crucial rule making issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) [...]

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Ford Recalls 194,889 Vehicles for Interior Door Handle Defect

Ford is recalling 194,889 vehicles due to an interior door defect.  The defect may be involved in one or more of the interior doors of the vehicle.  The problem is that a crack may develop within handle causing the handle return spring to become unseated.  This can result in the interior door handle not returning [...]

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Second Air Bag Fix Needed for 2.12 Million Toyota, Chrysler and Honda Vehicles

NHTSA has recalled more than 2.12 million vehicles from Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler for a second time for air bag issues.  The breakdown is about 1 million Toyota vehicles, 374,177 cars from American Honda, and 753,176 vehicles from Fiat Chrysler.  The problem now is that the air bags fixed once already may inadvertently inflate while [...]

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