The Brandi Law Firm Obtains $26.6 Million Verdict on Behalf of Victim of State’s Negligence

On May 14, 2015, a Santa Clara Superior Court jury found in favor of our client and held the State of California responsible for her severe injuries, awarding $26.6 million dollars in damages for the care of the brain injured former Santa Clara University student.

On January 21, 2011, our client was a second year student at Santa Clara University, was crossing the seven lanes of State Route 82 at its 110 foot wide signalized intersection with Railroad Avenue as she was leaving the main entrance of Santa Clara University to cross the street to board a train at the Caltrain station, when she was struck by a car in the far lane just after the light turned green.

Through extensive discovery and trial proceedings, Thomas Brandi and Dan Dell’Osso established the timing of the light was inadequate and that there was no notice by way of countdown timer or other device showing lack of time.  The jury found the State 95% at fault and the Plaintiff 5% at fault.