History Repeats Itself: Volkswagen was Sued by the EPA for Cheating on Emissions in 1974

In 1974, Volkswagen was sued by the U.S. EPA for violating the Clean Air Act by utilizing emissions defeat devices on their vehicles.  VW settled the lawsuit for $120,000 and the promise to comply with the Clean Air Act in the future.  This past violation is virtually identical to the current VW “clean diesel” fraud. [...]

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13 Bicycle Manufacturers Recall Nearly 1.3 Million Bicycles in the United States due to Front Disc Brake Defect

Thirteen bicycle manufacturers have recalled nearly 1.3 million bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and quick-release levers on the front wheel hub in the U.S.  These bicycles were manufactured from 1998 to 2015.  Below is a list of the manufacturers, brand and the affected years of the bicycles being recalled: Company  Brand  Model Year(s)   Web [...]

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