Caltrans to Stop Installing Trinity Guardrail ET-Plus End Protection

Previously, we have written about the history of the Trinity ET-Plus guardrail and its checkered past.  The design history of this product reflects changes being made for financial gain to the manufacturer without disclosing them, according to the evidence resulting in a verdict in favor of a whistleblower in Marshall, Texas. The Trinity ET-Plus is [...]

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Absence of Guardrail Costs Jenner, California the Lives of Two Special Children

Caltrans knows cars will go off the road.  Caltrans knows it is more likely that cars will go off the road on curves than on straightaways.  Caltrans knows that cars go off the road for many different reasons, mechanical defects, driver illness, animals or objects in the road causing a vehicle to  swerve, substance on [...]

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Is there a Link Between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer?

Recently, there has been increasing medical evidence that suggests that women should not use talcum powder as an intimate hygiene substance because of its links to ovarian cancer. As early as 1971, scientists suggested that there may be a connection with using talcum powder as a hygienic cleanser.  Researchers believed that talc particles could enter [...]

Brandi Lawyers Recognized by Peers with Awards and Accolades

Over the past several years, The Brandi Law Firm and its attorneys have been recognized as one of the top Plaintiffs’ firms in California and throughout the U.S.  Below are just some of the accolades are attorney have received: THOMAS J. BRANDI Best Lawyers since 1995 for Mass Tort Ligation and Personal Injury Litigation Best [...]

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San Mateo Jury Finds State of California Liable Despite No Prior Accidents on Roadway

The Brandi Law Firm recently obtained a verdict in San Mateo County on behalf of a young woman who was injured when the car she was traveling in was struck by a crossover vehicle.  That crossover vehicle had been stopped and waiting for a break in traffic to turn left when it was struck from [...]

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