Why Was Essure Discontinued?

No one can deny that the contraceptive implant Essure has become quite the controversy over the past few years. The implant’s makers—Bayer—claim that the implant is a safe non-surgical alternative to other permanent contraceptive procedures. Yet, scores of women claim that the implant has caused them pain and suffering. Now, Bayer says it will discontinue [...]

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Five Brandi Law Firm Lawyers Named to Super Lawyers 2018

Dan Dell’Osso, Casey Kaufman, Brian Malloy, Jason Freidman and Thomas Brandi were 2018 selections to the Super Lawyers of Northern California. All except Friedman have been Super Lawyers on multiple occasions. Jason Friedman was named for the first time and received  recognition as a Rising Star. Thomas Brandi was once again named to the Top [...]

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What Does the Roundup Verdict Mean for Other Lawsuits?

Last month, a landmark verdict was handed in by a California jury. The Monsanto Company was ordered to pay a Bay Area school groundskeeper $289 million. The lawsuit claimed one of the company’s products caused the groundskeeper’s cancer, and over 4,000 other lawsuits are claiming the same thing. Will this verdict affect the outcome of [...]

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California Court of Appeal Rejects the City of Oakland’s Appeal and Allows Ghost Ship Plaintiffs’ Cases to Go Forward.

After two protracted hearings in the trial court and an appeal to the California Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Two, the Plaintiffs in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire tragedy of December 2, 2016 have successfully overcome the City of Oakland’s multiple attempts to dismiss their complaints. In every lawsuit the defendant can file [...]

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