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Napa County Enforces New Elder Protection Law

| Jun 10, 2011 | Elder Abuse

The new law being enforced in Napa County will now require in-home elderly care attendants to obtain a county permit before entering the home.

“In-home care is one of the five hottest jobs” said Kristi Lesnewich of the Napa County Commission on Aging said at a news conference. “But there’s no oversight, and convicted felons can do it — except not in Napa County anymore.”

The local law requires those seeking money, room or board for caregiving (including relatives) to submit to a background check and pay a small fee every year to continue the checks.  Registered nurses and other licensed healthcare workers are exempt from this requirement because they already have to submit to background checks to obtain their licenses.

Bed Sores Or Failure To Provide Care Can Constitute Elder Abuse In California


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At the Brandi Law Firm, we see our elderly get physically and financially abused at an alarming rate.  Often the family is the last to know, after the damage is done.  We applaud Napa County’s efforts to institute background checks and hope that other counties, or the state as a whole, follow Napa’s example.

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