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The Brandi Firm Obtains $29 Million Verdict on Behalf of Victims of State’s Neglect and Driver Error

| Jul 21, 2011 | Recent Successes

We are pleased to announce that in a case where Thomas Brandi was lead trial counsel for Plaintiffs, on July 18, 2011 a Solano County Jury awarded a total of $29,277,391.12 in an action against the State of California for absence of a median barrier and against Nicola Bucci for negligently passing another vehicle and striking plaintiffs’ oncoming vehicle head on on SR 12 between Suisun and Rio Vista on November 17, 2006. (Hutchinson vs State of California  Case No. FCS030143, the Hon. Scott Kays, Dept 16)

Thomas Brandi, attorney for Jordan Callison (who was paralyzed) and Kenya Hutchinson, the mother of decedents Demari Hutchinson,12, and Immanuel Callison, 7, said, “If the State employees simply did their job this accident never would have occurred. These boys and over 20 others would be alive if a median barrier was placed from Suisun to Rio Vista.”

Plaintiffs contended the road was dangerous due to the absence of a median barrier, narrow shoulders and inadequate sight distance.  Plaintiffs also alleged negligence against Nicola Bucci, who passed improperly and struck the plaintiffs’ vehicle head-on.  During the trial, the state admitted that it had adequate funds to install a barrier, widen the road’s shoulders, and fix the inadequate sight-distances.  The CalTrans people responsible for SR 12 testified they never considered a median barrier on this section of road until March of 2007, when two more cross over deaths triggered public outcry and eventual repairs.  The State placed a median barrier on SR 12 from Suisun to Shiloh Road but left the two lane area from Shiloh Road to Rio Vista without a barrier.