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1.25 Million Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips Recalled due to Choking Hazard

| Jan 27, 2014 | Product Liability

Playtex will recall 1.25 million Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips due to a choking hazard.  These pacifier holder clips attach a pacifier to clothing articles, diaper bags, and strollers.  The pacifier holder clips have been reported to crack and small parts of the product can break off.  When the parts break off, this presents a choking hazard to small children.  There have been 99 reports of the pacifier holder cracking or breaking.

Click here to read the full recall: Playtex Pacifier Holder Clips Recall

These products were sold at Wal-Mart,, and other major retailers from July 2010 to October 2013.  The pacifier holders were sold in green with a monkey figure, pink with a flower, and blue with a tow truck.

Consumers should immediately take the recalled pacifier holders away from infants and contact Playtex for instructions on how to return the product for a full refund.  Consumers can contact Playtex toll-free at (888) 220-2075 or online.

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