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13 Bicycle Manufacturers Recall Nearly 1.3 Million Bicycles in the United States due to Front Disc Brake Defect

| Oct 1, 2015 | Bicycle Defects

Thirteen bicycle manufacturers have recalled nearly 1.3 million bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and quick-release levers on the front wheel hub in the U.S.  These bicycles were manufactured from 1998 to 2015.  Below is a list of the manufacturers, brand and the affected years of the bicycles being recalled:

Company  Brand  Model Year(s)   Web Page Phone Number 
Accell North America Diamondback, Raleigh 2004-2015

Advanced Sports International Breezer, Fuji, SE 2005-2015

Cycling Sports Group Inc. Cannondale, GT 1998-2015





Felt Racing LLC  Felt 2006-2015 866-433-5887
G. Joannou Cycle Co. Inc.  Jamis 2005-2015 800-533-9010, ext. 237
Giant Bicycle Inc.  Giant 2003-2004 866-458-2555
Haro Bikes  Haro 2000-2015 800-289-4276
LTP Sports Group Inc. Norco 2000-2015 800-263-2344 (Eastern US and Canada)


800-663-8916 (Western U.S. and Canada)

Performance Bicycle Inc. Access 2009-2015 800-727-2453
Quality Bicycle Products Civia Cycles 2008-2012 877-311-7686
Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) Novara 2002-2015 800-426-4840
Ridley Bikes Ridley 2014-2015 877-283-7545
Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. Specialized 2002-2015 800-722-4423

The reason for the recall is that when the affected bicycle’s quick release lever is open, it can come into contact with the brake rotor causing the front wheel to come to a sudden stop or even separate from the bicycle.  To determine if your bicycle is under recall, visit

As a result of the defect, there have been at least 3 reported incidents where the quick release lever came into contact with the front disc brake assembly causing the front wheel to come to a stop or separate from the bicycle.  One incident involved multiple injuries to the bicyclist.

Click here to read the full recall: Quick Release Recall

It has been advised that customers should stop using the bicycles immediately and contact the recalling company for free installation of a new quick release on the front wheel.

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