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Saying Goodbye to a Special Colleague

| Nov 16, 2016 | Firm News

Since 1992 when we formed The Brandi Law Firm, our practice has concentrated on helping people who are the victims of defective products, unsafe drugs, negligence, and corporate wrongdoing.  In those years, we have had an opportunity to represent numerous people in California and throughout the United States.  One of the things we do for our present and former clients who need a lawyer in another area is we try to find them the best representation we can.  Occasionally friends, family, and their children have found themselves in the legal system either through no fault of their own or the result of a mistake, poor judgment, or simply doing the wrong thing.

One of the attorneys who has served so well for our clients is Ernie Gonzalez.  His nearly 20 years as a public defender enabled him to thoroughly understand the criminal justice system and help people navigate through it.  He was always available to those who needed his help and benefited from his special talents.  In many instances, he helped young people who found themselves on the wrong path, resolved their issues, and helped return them to a successful direction.  Countless people told me, “Thank God for Ernie.”

He lost his fight with cancer in the early hours of November 12, 2016.  While we and all he helped are deeply saddened, he would rather we look forward with hope and joy knowing better days lie ahead.  So we all remember a truly fine man of character who brought integrity and humor to his craft while serving honorably the needs of his clients.

Rest in Peace dear friend.