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Looking for a Cause of the Deadly Wine Country Fires

| Oct 23, 2017 | Catastrophic Accidents

PG&E President Geisha Williams has carefully staked out PG&E’s position that while no one knows the cause of the Wine Country Fires, extreme winds are a likely cause. Wind alone should not start a fire.  Even with extreme winds, PG&E has to be aware that winds can be extreme and knock down trees, knock trees into power lines, and that power lines have to be properly secured. That is their job. PG&E has to be responsible for its equipment, inspections, and compliance with the law.

In every fire investigation, experts look to fire origin and cause. According to the San Francisco Chronicle on October 22, 2017, “One fire started near a patch of oak trees along a twisting mountain road east of Napa Valley’s famed Silverado Trail. One ignited near a weathered one-lane road through a wooded canyon in Glen Ellen. Another started near a winery in the hills west of downtown Napa. Still another exploded on a hillside among vineyards and historic homes on the edge of Calistoga.” (

The Chronicle further noted: “…the four locations did exhibit some common features: Power lines ran near all of them, and at two locations, downed electric and telecommunications lines and broken tree branches had been surrounded by yellow crime-scene tape.”

As shown on the map below, the Chronicle detailed the locations of the origin of these four fires.

The Brandi Law Firm is currently investigating PG&E for their possible involvement in the Wine Country Fires. Reports of power equipment failures and lines not being clear or properly attached have begun to turn the spotlight on PG&E. The Brandi Law Firm has had a number of cases against PG&E in the past, ranging from the San Bruno fire case to actions involving inspections of their systems leading to injury and death. The California Public Utility Commission has numerous regulations pertaining to PG&E conduct including General Order 95 that details requirements for all lines, clearances, minimum safety factors, etc.

We are a firm with roots in the community that has long served people in the affected areas. We have clients and know friends who have lost their homes. We are available to help you with the numerous questions that will arise regarding this process and holding accountable those responsible.

If you feel you have been damaged by the Wine Country Fires, (Tubbs Fire, Pocket Fire, Atlas Peak Fire, or Nuns Fire) please contact us at 800-425-1986 and ask for Thomas Brandi. We are available free of charge to discuss your situation.