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Wine Country Fires Destroy Homes, Families, and Dreams

| Oct 20, 2017 | Firm News

As the fires spread all over Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino, uncertainty and anxiety followed by horror or elation gripped many. As the fires spread many fled for their lives. Parents grabbed children, jumped into vehicles, and outraced flames to safety. Others were less fortunate and never made it out of their homes. Many were evacuated not sure what they would find when they could return. For some who experienced the Tubbs Fire, Pocket Fire, Atlas Peak Fire, Nuns Fire, and Redwood Valley Fire, they could only sift through the ashes of their homes looking for poignant reminders of what once was. As the days passed everyone carefully checked for information on containment, evacuation advisories, how many miles a fire was from your home, while hearing stories of people whose lives were changed forever.

So many lost so much.

For some longtime residents of Coffey Park or Atlas Peak their home loans were almost paid off, they are retired, but they are underinsured. What to do?

For others, they owed 10, 15, 20, 25 years on thirty year home loans that remain due but they have no house.

Where do we live now?

Do we rebuild?

How do we afford this? We know all of the stories of tragedy. Now it is time many want to learn why this happened?  Who is accountable?

The Brandi Law Firm is currently investigating PG&E for their possible involvement in the wine country fires. Reports of power equipment failures, lines not being clear or properly attached have begun to turn the spotlight on PG&E. The Brandi Law firm has had a number of cases against PG&E in the past, ranging from the San Bruno fire case to actions involving inspections of their systems leading to injury and death. The California Public Utility Commission has numerous regulations pertaining to PG&E conduct including General Order 95 that details requirements for all lines, clearances, minimum safety factors, etc.

We are a firm with roots in the community that has long served people in the affected areas. We have clients and know friends who have lost their homes. We are available to help you with the numerous questions that will arise regarding this process and holding accountable those responsible

If you feel you have been damaged by the Wine Country or Mendocino Fires, please contact us at 800-425-1986 and ask for Thomas Brandi. We are available free of charge to discuss your situation.