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Will Scandals Ever Stop Plaguing Uber?

| Jun 28, 2018 | Consumer Safety

Uber met with public enthusiasm when its ride-sharing app originally debuted. The online service seemed like a viable answer to the travel needs of people all over the country. However, as the years have gone by, several incidents and lawsuits have tarnished the company’s reputation. Now, these cases have many wondering just how safe Uber really is.

Uber Safety Is Becoming Hard to Find

It was late at night in Tempe, Arizona when a woman walking a bicycle across the street. Moments later, a Volvo SUV collided with her. That car was a self-driving vehicle owned by Uber, and the woman did not survive the crash. The ride-sharing company has been pushing into the autonomous vehicle sector as a solution to having human drivers shuttle around the fares picked up by the Uber app. But this latest incident has given the entire autonomous vehicle industry pause and led this woman’s family to court.

In Santa Barbara, a woman and her brother had been out drinking and decided to hail an Uber ride as a safe method for getting home. After being picked up, the driver of the Uber ride abruptly kicked the two out of his vehicle for no apparent reason. The two were left on the median of a highway where the woman was struck and injured by a hit-and-run driver. The woman is now suing Uber for her damages.

In a similar case, a man who had hailed an Uber ride was shocked when his driver ran out of gas in the middle of his fare. The man got out of the vehicle and began to help his driver push the 2016 Jeep to the side of the road. While pushing the Jeep, a car hit the man. The collision inflicted injuries that would later force doctors to amputate both of his legs above the knee. He and his family are also taking Uber to court.

Incidents like this continue to pop up all over the country. The safety questions they raise are concerning for both authorities and Uber patrons. The company has settled the case in Arizona very quickly, but the two California cases may have a harder time finding restitution. Uber has a history of fighting lawsuits tooth and nail. After a sexual harassment scandal, a new CEO is in charge. This means the company may be changing a few of its legal stances. Anyone injured in an incident involving Uber should contact an attorney right away.