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Could Dockless Scooters Be Dangerous for San Francisco Pedestrians?

| Aug 30, 2018 | Bicycle Accidents

Have you heard of Scootergeddon? How about Scootergate? These are just a couple of names people have come up with for the invasion of dockless scooters here in San Francisco. This new trend is not only annoying locals, it is proving dangerous for some pedestrians. Here are some of the details you need to know.

Are Dockless Scooters in San Francisco Dangerous?

If you have a smartphone and a dollar, then you may be able to rent a dockless scooter in San Francisco. Once you’ve loaded the app, and paid that initial dollar, you can rent one of these small electric scooters for about 15 cents a minute. Some people see this as a solution to many of the city’s transportation problems, but there are quite a few who see this as a nuisance.

Several residents have complained about these scooters being left on their sides in the middle of sidewalks. Some have complained about these scooters zooming by and almost causing accidents. The situation has gotten so serious that some people are vandalizing and stealing these scooters in order to protest the companies responsible.

Spray painted scooters as well as scooters that have been sabotaged are also contributing to these accidents. Some are wondering if these companies can even provide a properly maintained fleet of these devices. Reckless riders colliding with pedestrians, distracted drivers colliding with riders and pedestrians tripping over discarded scooters are also contributing to injuries.

In response to the public outrage and injuries, the City of San Francisco has banned dockless scooters. However, they will be back soon. The city has approved Scoot Global and Skip for operating permits that will allow 1,250 scooters to return to the city. That means the nightmare of Scootergeddon could be back on again soon. To help protect yourself and your family members, it may be necessary to consult an attorney to find out what your legal options are. This could be the only way for victims to have a voice as this new transportation option spreads like wildfire.