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Looking at statistics on bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Car Accident

When you ride a bike near traffic, you face serious risks. Regrettably, some drivers fail to follow traffic safety guidelines and they do not look out for bicyclists. It is important to review statistics on bike accident injuries and deaths, whether you regularly ride a bike, drive or worry about the safety of your child.

Negligent drivers who cause bicycle accidents have to answer for the repercussions they cause, such as those who use their phone behind the wheel or drink alcohol on the road.

Data on bicycle accident injuries and fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that during 2019, 49,000 pedalcyclists sustained injuries in traffic accidents, according to estimates. This reflects a 5.4% increase when compared to 2018, which saw an estimated 47,000 pedalcyclist injuries. Furthermore, traffic crashes claimed the lives of 846 pedalcyclists over the course of the year, representing 2.3% of 2019 traffic-related deaths.

During 2019, male pedalcyclists had a higher chance of losing their lives and sustaining injuries in traffic accidents in comparison to female pedalcyclists, and most deadly accidents took place on urban roads.

Risks associated with bicycle accidents

On the road, bike accidents take place for various reasons. Sometimes, these accidents occur due to poor visibility, chaotic traffic, drunk drivers and as a result of inexperience. As a bicyclist, you need to remain alert at all times. Unfortunately, some drivers do not pay attention or look out for bicyclists while traveling in much larger vehicles, and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable during the impact of a collision.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a reckless driver, review the details of the accident closely.