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How big a role do phones play in truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2022 | Car Accident

No matter where you are on a back road or a highway, you could often see a truck driver talking on a phone while operating their vehicle.

The dangers that this action can lead to are important to understand, especially if you are a victim of a truck crash.

Too entertaining to ignore

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, long hours on the road can leave a trucker feeling bored and looking for a method of entertainment. Reading a news article, texting or calling someone on a cell phone are tempting options after a few hours spent operating a truck alone.

Even a couple of seconds spent looking away from the road can put everyone around a trucker in danger of a rear-end crash or other collision. While people may assume that cell phones are only mildly distracting, truckers should never multitask while operating a large vehicle.

Mind and hands in use

Around one-third of all long-term truck drivers end up involved in a crash at some point in their career, according to a statistic from the CDC. Cell phone usage contributes to a continual sense of distraction that can make these drivers take their eyes and minds off the road in front of them.

Lack of focus

It is tough to switch between looking up close at a screen and staring out across a highway to check for oncoming traffic. Even a moment of hesitation in a speeding truck can lead to an intense or life-threatening accident with a smaller car.

If you are in a smaller vehicle and a truck runs into you, knowing why using a phone could possibly influence the other driver could be helpful.