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Driving in intense heat can lead to more accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Car Accident

Summer can be a fun time, but when intense heat arrives, people not only face a risk of heat stroke but also more car accidents.

Drivers are less likely to concentrate and have a slower reaction time when temperatures rise. As a result, they tend to make more errors leading to accidents. Take these steps to reduce the chance of accidents.

1. Protect your car from the heat

Do not let your car get too hot. Park in the shade whenever possible. If your car must sit in the sun for a few hours, put up blinds on all the windows.

Use a windshield sunshade. It can reduce the interior temperature of the car by 30 degrees. When you turn on the car, set the air conditioner on high, but don’t move the vents to blow cold air on your body.

2. Take your car to a mechanic to have the air conditioner maintained

Take your car to a mechanic for a regular air conditioner check-up. This is especially important before taking a long trip.

3. Never leave anyone in the car

Whether it is a beloved pet or a child, never leave anyone in the car even for a short time. A vehicle becomes a furnace within a few minutes and can be life-threatening.

4. Allow yourself time to acclimate to the heat

Like driving while drowsy, driving in intense heat can also be dangerous. Be careful to avoid heat shock. After stopping, open the car door and sit for a couple of minutes so you can acclimate to the heat.