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Caltrans to Stop Installing Trinity Guardrail ET-Plus End Protection

Previously, we have written about the history of the Trinity ET-Plus guardrail and its checkered past.  The design history of this product reflects changes being made for financial gain to the manufacturer without disclosing them, according to the evidence resulting in a verdict in favor of a whistleblower in Marshall, Texas. The Trinity ET-Plus is [...]

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Absence of Guardrail Costs Jenner, California the Lives of Two Special Children

Caltrans knows cars will go off the road.  Caltrans knows it is more likely that cars will go off the road on curves than on straightaways.  Caltrans knows that cars go off the road for many different reasons, mechanical defects, driver illness, animals or objects in the road causing a vehicle to  swerve, substance on [...]

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Serious Questions Raised About Median Barrier in Orland High School Student Tragedy

A Federal Express truck driver for unknown reasons crossed a grassy highway median on I5 near Orland and slammed into a bus carrying more than 40 high school students on their way to visit Humboldt State University.  The accident occurred on I5, north of Route 32 in Orland.  The devastating incident killed 10 people and [...]