Did this company get revenge on whistleblowers? The Hershey retaliation lawsuit says so, but will the court see things the same way?

Court Rejects Sealing Settlement for Discharged Employees Who Claimed They Were Fired for Joining Earlier Suit

It is all too common when a corporate defendant settles a case a great deal of effort is made to preclude the public from knowing what happened. In some instances valid concerns about trade secrets or competitive advantages justify sealing settlements.  However, all too often large corporations seek to conceal their misconduct that leads to [...]

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Hershey Fires Workers Who Successfully Sued Hershey For Back Pay

For years retail sales representatives (RSRs) at Hershey were denied recognition of the value of their labor and were not paid for their overtime.  Working up to 20 hours per week left them uncompensated.  So a group of courageous people filed a lawsuit and sought to hold Hershey accountable for its conduct.  A federal court [...]

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