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Roof Crush Accidents And Their Causes

We count on our car’s restraint system to keep us from being ejected in a rollover accident. By buckling our seat belts before we drive, we are doing our part to keep ourselves safe. The question is, will the vehicle’s roof structure protect us?

Car and truck safety experts know there is a direct correlation between roof crush and serious head and neck injuries. Designing roofs with pillars and support structures that are strong enough to keep the top of the vehicle from collapsing into the passenger compartment in a rollover accident only makes sense. Yet auto manufacturers have done little to create stronger roof structures in the cars and trucks they sell.

Our product liability team is ready to dig into the facts behind your car or truck accident. Was roof crush the case of your serious or catastrophic injuries?

Get An Investigation Started To Determine The Cause Of Your Roof Crush Accident

If you or a family member suffered serious injures in a roof crush accident, turn to an experienced auto accident attorney at The Brandi Law Firm for a free case evaluation. We may uncover evidence that your car’s roof crushed due to a designer’s negligence and caused you or your loved one to be injured. We will then be ready to pursue compensation for you through a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

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