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When An Accident Involves Only One Vehicle

Most people view injuries and property damage following an accident as the fault of the driver who caused the accident. Therefore, when a single-vehicle accident occurs, people often assume the accident was their own fault. However, our lawyers at The Brandi Law Firm know that this is often untrue.

With over 150 years of combined experience, we know it’s necessary to look beyond the conduct of the driver to determine if a road feature or automotive defect contributed to the incident or worsened the injuries.

We Look More Closely At All Evidence

Our lawyers have successfully represented countless drivers and passengers involved in single-vehicle accidents against the state of California and numerous cities and counties for defectively designed or improperly maintained roads.

Attorney Thomas Brandi is a former lawyer for the California Department of Transportation, and through his experience, our lawyers know how to proceed in these complex cases to establish public property liability where it is often overlooked.

In addition to our investigation of the roadway, we evaluate each single-vehicle incident for possible manufacturing defects, engineering defects, design defects and other auto component defects, which can cause car parts to fail.

We use the proof of the defect and the extent of the injuries that have resulted to build a strong product liability case for fair and equitable compensation and have recovered compensation for our clients in actions against all of the major vehicle manufacturers.

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