Practice Area: Bicycle Matters


Although a bicyclist can be injured in many ways, Brandi Lawyers go beyond the simple facts of the accident. We examine the roadway markings and delineations, or their absence, to determine whether they were the sole cause or a contributing cause to the bicyclists’ injuries. The protection of cyclists is assured in many cases by buffer zones from cars, dedicated bike lanes, sharrows, and pavement markings which address the bike/car conflict. Their absence or insufficient design or installation can mean the difference between a minor injury and a life threatening one. In addition, injuries can occur due to the failure of a municipality to maintain the roadways and bike paths used by the public. Something as simple as a pothole or loose gravel can cause serious injury.

Brandi Lawyers are experienced advocates for bicyclists in cases of defective roadways and markings. We understand the mechanics of the bicycle accident and the requirements of safe roadway design and markings and use the best experts in those field to explain to a jury exactly how the collision occurred and how these factors caused or contributed to the accident.

Brandi Lawyers have a proven track record in taking on cities, counties, and other landowners to ensure that our clients receive full and fair compensation for their injuries.


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