Practice Area: Dangerous Public Property


The Brandi Law Firm has unique experience with cases involving dangerous roads or public property. We have successfully represented drivers and pedestrians injured from defectively designed or improperly maintained roads, intersections, highways, and safety equipment for decades. Thomas Brandi was a former lawyer for the California Department of Transportation and through that experience Brandi Lawyers know how to proceed in these complex cases.

Dangerous condition of public property matters are more difficult and complex than those against private entities. This is because public entities may be immune from lawsuits and have a shorter statute of limitations in which to file a suit. Our reputation for success in these complex cases often leads other lawyers to refer cases to us to litigate.

Brandi Lawyers investigate possible public property liability in every case because it is difficult to recognize and is often overlooked.


Family v. State of California – $29,277,391.12 verdict

Horrific crossover accident striking a car carrying a woman and three children under 12. Two of the children were killed and the third was paralyzed and suffered permanent brain damage. The jury found that the State should have placed a center median barrier on the road which would have prevented this accident.

Pedestrian v. Driver, State of California – $26.6 million verdict

Our client was struck while in the crosswalk by a vehicle that had the green light. Evidence at trial showed that the State of California did not provide enough time for pedestrians to cross the street legally. Our client suffered significant injuries including a permanent brain injury.

Family v. City of San Francisco – $15 million verdict

We represented the families of an adult and four children under 7-years-old who perished in a fire that was allowed to spread due to inadequate maintenance in a public housing unit in San Francisco.

Driver and Passenger v. State of California – $8.257 million

Our client was driving on the highway when an uninsured motorist crossed over the median and struck him, causing severe and permanent injuries to this husband and wife. Evidence revealed a history of crossover accidents that warranted the placement of a median barrier, which the State failed to install.

Driver and Passenger v. State of California – 5.2 million

Couple was seriously injured by a crossover vehicle, and the State was liable due to the absence of a median barrier.

Bicyclist v. State of California – $5 million

Wrongful death of a bicyclist who was riding with a friend on the shoulder. We contended that the State should have provided barrier protection for bicyclists allowed to travel on high speed freeway shoulders on bridge approaches.

Family v. Tire Repair Shop and State of California – $2.3 million verdict

Our clients lost their husband and father when he was killed by a combination of an inadequate road shoulder and the placement of two new tires on the front of the vehicle (industry standards require the best tires to be on the rear).

Bicyclist v. State of California – $1.85 million

A 16 year-old was killed while riding her bike in a marked crosswalk that was unsafe due to the lack of signals and other devices warning of her presence.

Driver v. State of California – $1.825 million

Our client was injured because of a dangerous gravel median next to a highway.

Driver v. City of Barstow – $1.15 million

Our 25-year-old client was traveling when she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from an improperly designed roadway curve.

Driver v. State of California – $1.1 million

Our 57-year-old client was injured due to defectively designed intersection.


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