Practice Area: Dangerous Public Property


When a vehicle crosses over into the opposite direction of traffic, the results can be tragic. Crossover accidents are one of the highest speed impacts that can occur. Often the crossover vehicle was driven by someone who made a mistake, was negligent, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Given the high likelihood of catastrophic injuries, the crossover driver rarely has sufficient insurance to compensate for the damage they cause.

Many state roads and highways have median barriers designed to contain vehicles in their direction of travel. However, many roads still lack these safety features, even where there is a significant history of crossover collisions. Thomas Brandi has tried several crossover cases to verdict, leading to placement of the first median barrier on a 2-lane highway in California which is normally not warranted under State design guidelines.

Many lawyers overlook how roadway conditions can contribute to a collision or worsen the injuries. For example, an inadequate roadway shoulder or other seemingly unrelated feature can cause a vehicle to lose control and cross the median. It is essential to hire counsel that has the resources and experience necessary to recognize and pursue these crossover cases.


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