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Brandi Lawyers have successfully brought class actions benefitting hundreds of workers who have fallen victim to various types of unlawful employment practices. An employer, through miscalculation of an employee’s job description, can avoid paying overtime and other benefits to an employee. Employers frequently fail to provide for payment for rest or meal periods or required uniforms to hourly workers although they are obligated to do so. A company may be engaging in discrimination against a specific class of employees based on age, race, sexual orientation, country of origin, religion, or gender. Strong class action lawyers, like those at the Brandi Law Firm, can successfully stop these practices and obtain compensation for these groups of workers whose legal rights are being violated.

Brandi Lawyers work diligently on employment class actions obtaining not only monetary recovery for the group of employees but to change workplace practices and policies of companies. Our lawyers are not intimidated by the resources of large corporations and will stand up for the rights of employees.


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