Judge Reverses Prior Ruling, Orders Full Discovery in Hershey Age Discrimination Case

In October 2013, at the insistence of Hershey, United States District Judge Charles Breyer ordered discovery limited to issues surrounding a release signed by some of the former Hershey high-level executives working as Customer Sales Executives (CSEs) and Category Development Managers (CDMs) in their age discrimination case against Hershey, entitled Barnes vs. Hershey (C 12-1334-CRB). Each [...]

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Hershey Fires Workers Who Successfully Sued Hershey For Back Pay

For years retail sales representatives (RSRs) at Hershey were denied recognition of the value of their labor and were not paid for their overtime.  Working up to 20 hours per week left them uncompensated.  So a group of courageous people filed a lawsuit and sought to hold Hershey accountable for its conduct.  A federal court [...]

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Hershey: Corporate Responsibility in Word and Deed

According to its  website the company founded by Milton S. Hershey, who gave the masses access to chocolate and whose philanthropy made education possible for countless young orphans while amassing an incredible fortune, transferred his ownership and a great deal of his wealth to the Hershey Trust to  be held for the Hershey Industrial School. [...]