Air Bag Expansion Recall Continues: BMW Set to Recall 140,696 Vehicles due to Takata Air Bag Defect

Following in the footsteps of Honda, Ford, and Mazda, BMW will now expand their air bag recall to approximately 140,696 vehicles due to a defect with the driver side air bag.  The issue is that upon deployment of the driver side frontal air bag, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator to rupture causing metal [...]

December 29th, 2014|Automobile Defects, Takata Air Bag|0 Comments

BMW Recalls 76,565 Vehicles Due to a Front Passenger Seat Electronic Sensing Mat Failure

BMW will recall 76,565 vehicles due to a defect in the front passenger seat occupant detection mat.  The front passenger seat occupant detection mat determines if and how the passenger frontal air bag should deploy in a crash.  This mat may fatigue and develop cracks, which could lead to a system failure.  If the electronic [...]

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