Court Rejects Sealing Settlement for Discharged Employees Who Claimed They Were Fired for Joining Earlier Suit

It is all too common when a corporate defendant settles a case a great deal of effort is made to preclude the public from knowing what happened. In some instances valid concerns about trade secrets or competitive advantages justify sealing settlements.  However, all too often large corporations seek to conceal their misconduct that leads to [...]

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Judge Reverses Prior Ruling, Orders Full Discovery in Hershey Age Discrimination Case

In October 2013, at the insistence of Hershey, United States District Judge Charles Breyer ordered discovery limited to issues surrounding a release signed by some of the former Hershey high-level executives working as Customer Sales Executives (CSEs) and Category Development Managers (CDMs) in their age discrimination case against Hershey, entitled Barnes vs. Hershey (C 12-1334-CRB). Each [...]

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Hershey: Corporate Responsibility in Word and Deed

According to its  website the company founded by Milton S. Hershey, who gave the masses access to chocolate and whose philanthropy made education possible for countless young orphans while amassing an incredible fortune, transferred his ownership and a great deal of his wealth to the Hershey Trust to  be held for the Hershey Industrial School. [...]

Brian Malloy Honored by AAJ as a “Star” of New Lawyers Division

The American Association for Justice has a New Lawyers Division for its younger lawyers.  From time to time, AAJ honors special and unique achievement nationally by recognizing the extraordinary work of what AAJ considers its rising stars. Brian Malloy of the Brandi Law Firm was recently recognized by AAJ as a New Lawyers Division “Star” [...]

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Hershey Age Discriminations; Questions from CSEs and CDMs

The deadline to join the pending age discrimination case against Hershey is this Friday, May 3, 2013.  In talking with some of the 26 people over 40 who were wrongfully fired by Hershey from their jobs as Customer Sales Executives (CSEs) and Category Development Managers (CDMs) and who have not yet joined the suit, the [...]

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