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48.5% of Irish DePuy Patients Need to Replace their DePuy Hip

| Jan 10, 2011 | DePuy Hip Replacement

In August, DePuy Orthopaedics recalled its ASR XL total hip replacement device.  At that time, and up to today, DePuy has claimed that about 12% of people who have had the DePuy hip installed have or will need it to revised (removed and replaced with another product).  In fact, on its own website, DePuy continues to claim that after five years 12-13% of DePuy patients (about 1 in 8 people) will need revision.

However, an article in RTE News published figures from studies discussed at a recent conference in Dublin, Ireland, which greatly increased the percentage of DePuy hip recipients that need revision.  The article claims that the Irish revision rate is 48.5%, or 1700 of the 3500 recipients of the DePuy product.  This revision rate is much higher than has been seen so far in other studies.  The reason for the revisions are “not just the mechanical failure of the DePuy ASR hip implant, but metal poisoning” from the chromium and cobalt ions that may be released into the body from the defective DePuy product.

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