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When A Road’s Shoulders Are Too Narrow Or Slanted

As we drive down a road or highway, we don’t normally analyze the adequacy of the shoulder next to the traveled way, but the size and quality of the shoulder can cause or worsen an accident. There are road design guidelines that address shoulders because it is well known that vehicles need a recovery area in the event that they must temporarily travel out of their lanes. Often, single-vehicle accidents can be linked to inadequate shoulders on the roadway.

Examples Of Shoulder Deficiencies

When a roadway shoulder is too small, drops off too steeply, or is made of the wrong material, it can actually cause a car to lose control.

For example, soft shoulders are often made of gravel or other non-asphalt material. When a vehicle has two wheels on the road and two wheels on the soft shoulder, it causes different coefficients of friction on wheels, often leading to an overcorrection and sometimes, a serious accident.

Let Our Lawyers Look Into Causes Of Your Accident

To properly investigate these incidents, an attorney must dig into the design and “as-built” plans to determine the intended shoulder dimensions and materials and whether the roadway was in a dangerous condition. Our legal team has a great deal of experience discovering the facts behind an accident and using that information to build strong cases for our clients’ recoveries.

Was a roadway engineer’s omissions the cause of your rollover accident? Let us investigate your case and discover who is liable to compensate you. Call 888-309-1224 or send an email inquiry to request a free consultation.