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Truck Incidents

When semi trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the consequences are often tragic. The size and speed of trucks traveling along our nation’s highways virtually guarantee that a truck accident will cause serious injuries.

Personal injury claims and wrongful death claims related to truck accidents can be particularly complicated, because there may be many layers of liability. For example, the tractor could be owned by one party and the trailer by another. The driver may own the truck or may lease it from a trucking company. The driver could be an employee of a trucking company or an independent contractor. The manufacturer of the truck itself or of its component parts could also be liable if a defective part caused the accident.

After the determination of liability has been made, then the cause of the accident must be determined. The crash may have been caused because the driver was fatigued, speeding or inattentive. Other potential causes could be intoxication of the driver, failure of the brakes on the truck, tire blowouts and even negligent design, construction or maintenance of the road where the accident occurred.

The aftermath of a truck accident can include life-changing injuries or even death. Unfortunately, there is nothing even the most skilled attorney can do to change this. A personal injury lawsuit can help protect the interests of the injured, though, and provide the compensation necessary for medical expenses (including hospitalization, surgeries, therapeutic treatments and medical devices like wheelchairs), rehabilitation and lost wages. A lawsuit can also hold companies and individuals accountable for their negligence, carelessness, or intentional wrongdoing and bring about positive changes to prevent future accidents.