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Ford Recalls 450,000 Vehicles Due to Fuel Leak; 3rd Fuel Line Recall in Last Year

| Jun 6, 2013 | Automobile Defects

What is happening at Ford with fuel line leaks?

For the third time since July 2012, Ford once again is recalling vehicles due to fuel line leaks and the specters of auto fires bring the total number of Ford vehicles recalled to over 550,000.

In July 2012, Ford recalled over 11,000 2013 Ford Escape SUVs, because of defects in the fuel line.  Six months ago, 80, 000 2013 Ford Fusions were recalled to check for engine leaks.  Since the Ford Fusion was redesigned in fall of 2012, there have been multiple recalls.  This was the second time the Ford Fusion was recalled due to fuel leak problems, and now the third recall for the same problem.

On May 31, 2013, Ford announced that it will recall over 450,000 2013 vehicles due to a faulty fuel delivery module.  The problem is that the fuel delivery module could develop cracks and fail during driving causing fuel to leak in the presence of ignition which can potentially cause a fire.  The models included in this recall are 2013 Ford Explorer, Taurus, Flex, Fusion, Police Interceptor Sedan and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles.  Additionally, certain 2013 Lincoln MKS, MKT, and MKZ vehicles are also affected by this recall.

Ford has received over 600 complaints in the last 2 months, because of this issue.  Unfortunately, Ford currently does not have enough replacement parts for all owners resulting in some owners will not be notified about the replacement parts for their vehicle until September 2013.

What are you supposed to do if you are one of the unfortunate owners who relied on Ford and who will not be notified until September 2013 because Ford does not have enough replacement parts?

Many consumers feel that Ford, whose advertizing slogan is “Quality is Job One”, is clearly not living up to its claims.  History tells us this is clearly not the first time (Remember the Pinto???).

In a February 12, 1999 decision, (FORD MOTOR COMPANY v. AMMERMAN No. 49A05-9608-CV-322) the Indiana Court of Appeals referred to Ford’s behavior in launching the “dangerous and defective” Bronco II as “highly reprehensible” stating:

“The trial court observed and we agree that the record shows:[t]he Bronco II’s which rolled off the assembly line are dangerous and defective.  Ford’s knowledge of the defect cannot be reasonably questioned.  The continued push to production of this product after all of the internal protestation to the contrary, is the crassest form of corporate indifference to the safety of the ultimate user or consumer and constitutes gross negligence.”

The May 16, 2013 edition of Autoguide reports that Consumer Reports found six of the least reliable cars and trucks are Ford products including the Ford Flex Eco Boost, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKT, Ford Explorer V6, 2WD,  Ford Focus Hatchback, and Ford Explorer, V6 4WD.

In 2012, Ford launched 25 new vehicles and 31 different power trains but in light of the number of recalls at Ford in the last year consumers have to ask if Ford ever got the message from the 1999 Indiana appellate Court decision in Ford Motor Company vs. Ammerman.

Click here to read the full CNN article: Ford Recalling 465K Cars for Fuel Leak

Ford will notify owners and replace the damaged fuel module free of charge.  The recall is expected to begin on July 15, 2013.  Owners may contact Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center at 866-436-7332.  Ford’s recall campaign number is 13S04.

Click here to read the full recall: Ford Fuel System Recall

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