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Litigation Over Defective Drugs

Large pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to place safe drugs into the marketplace. In some instances, drug companies rush a product to market and/or act overzealously in promoting the drug and convincing physicians to prescribe it in order to maximize profits.

At The Brandi Law Firm, we hope the work we do not only gets compensation for clients who are injured as a result of these actions by drug companies but also forces drug companies to do everything they can, above and beyond FDA requirements, to make sure the drugs they sell are safe.

Our California drug recall lawyers have experience representing clients suffering from severe physical damage as a result of undisclosed side effects of prescription drug medication.

Our Lawyers Are Leaders In National Drug Litigation

There are two types of drug litigation attorneys – those that lead and those that sit back and let others do the work. Thomas Brandi and the rest of our lawyers are leaders. In these large national lawsuits, the court typically assigns a handful of attorneys to direct the litigation on behalf of all of those involved. Below is a partial list of the court appointments of our lawyers to drug and other litigation leadership committees:

JCCP 4649 –Depuy ASR Hip System Cases: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee assignment in this matter regarding defective metal on metal hip replacement components.

JCCP 4644 – Fosamax/Alendronate Sodium Drug Cases: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee assignment in this matter regarding this osteoporosis drug that contributed to atypical femur fractures in users.

JCCP 4616 – Matrixx Initiatives Product Cases: Lead counsel regarding Zicam defect litigation.

JCCP 4608 –Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella Contraceptive Cases: Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee appointment for this birth control pill which caused blood clots and stroke in young women.

JCCP 4578 – Avandia Drug Cases: Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee appointment regarding this defective drug for diabetes control.

JCCP 4247 – In re Vioxx Coordinated Cases: Plaintiffs’ Management Committee Assignment and trial counsel for one of the two Vioxx cases to go to verdict in California.

USG and W.R. Grace Bankruptcy: Asbestos Creditors Claimant Committee assignment regarding the bankruptcy proceedings involving USG and W.R. Grace Co.

MDL 1343 –in re Air Crash: Plaintiffs’ Management Committee assignment regarding Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crash in January 2000.

California Diet Drug Litigation: Plaintiffs’ Management Committee assignment for these cases which involved individuals who had taken Fen-Phen.

In Re Dalkon Shield where I argued on behalf of plaintiffs in this Court and before the 9th Circuit (In re Northern District of California, Dalkon Shield IUD Products Liability Litigation (1982) 693 F.2d 847) and tried the last two U.S. cases in 1997.


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