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Was Your Child Injured In An Accident?

Our San Francisco Attorneys Explain Your Legal Options

Nothing is more heart wrenching than seeing a child sustain an injury. The emotional only pain deepens when an injury is disabling or permanent, because they may be hurt for the rest of their lives. We know the experiences, moments and opportunities the child will miss out on. This pain changes the dynamics of families and leaves a lifelong impact on communities. A child cannot stand up for his or her rights; children need someone to fight for them. If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then our San Francisco child injury attorneys can help.

It is natural for parents and guardians to worry about their children being hurt. However, not everyone prepares for severe injuries, especially injuries that occur due to the reckless behavior of another party. If a child under your care has sustained an injury, then our law firm can help. At The Brandi Law Firm, we have defended child injury survivors for decades. We believe in holding the rights of the most vulnerable group imaginable. Our law firm can identify options for recovery, from a seemingly harmless dog bit to a child’s catastrophic injury,

What Are Common Child Injuries?

Injury to a child can be devastating for any family. Mistakes by those responsible for the safety of children can result in serious injuries to your child. Through the counsel of medical professionals, our child injury lawyers can help identify what injuries may be claimed. Child injury cases are unique because they require experience with cases involving minors and the special laws that may apply to them. For example, an alarming number of children are injured by televisions that are not secured properly, while very few adults sustain similar injuries.

Our law firm can help you with a wide range of issues involving child injury, including:

  • Prescription drug errors: Unfortunately, pharmaceutical errors injure thousands of people a year. If your child received the wrong medication or dosage, they may have the right to a compensation claim.
  • Child head injury issues: If your child returns from any event with side effects of a head injury, you should call a medical professional. Symptoms include vomiting, confusion, stumbling, irritability and a constant headache.
  • Temporary or permanent injury: A permanent injury may be misdiagnosed as temporary and some injuries go unnoticed for an extended time. If you notice a change in your child, call your doctor.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability law can be used to identify who may have contributed to your child’s injury while they were away from home. If your child goes to a camp, playground or daycare and is injured, then they may have the right to compensation. An experienced child injury attorney will investigate to determine if an operator, manager, landlord or other individual was negligent. Common things to look out for that may put your child at risk:

  • Equipment: If a playground has improperly maintained equipment, you may have a claim. Unsanitary equipment at a daycare may contribute to a child’s illness, resulting in a personal injury. You should also look for safety signs, padding and if anything appears in disrepair.
  • Unsafe toys: Unfortunately, not all daycares stay current with toy recalls. Some daycares still have recalled, defective or dangerous toys that can easily contribute to a child injury.
  • Improper supervision: In a perfect world, no one would cut corners. However, some premises do not have properly licensed supervisors or managers. If your child was injured on premises with inadequate supervision, then you may have a claim for compensation.

Need Help Protecting A Child’s Rights? Call Our Personal Injury Attorneys.

Do you know someone whose child has been injured due to negligence? Do you have questions about your own children? No family should have to deal with the stress of a child’s injury alone. A child injury case requires careful attention in the preparation and presentation of the case. Your case will be both emotionally charged and technically sophisticated. We understand the complex nature of medical evidence and we know how to present these medical issues to a jury. While we wish we never had to take a child injury case, we understand that these accidents happen. We strongly urge you not to risk your child’s future by working with inexperienced counsel.

At The Brandi Law Firm, our goal is to see you get the compensation you and your child deserve. Our law firm wants you to have the financial resources needed to meet the burdens associated with your injured child’s care. We know you want to do everything you can to help your child. Our job is to see to it that you can. For a free consultation, call us today at 888-309-1224 or through our contact form on our website.