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For decades, the Brandi Law Firm has represented victims of defective pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices when their use has been shown to be unreasonably dangerous to users.  One similarity in all of these cases it that the adverse affects of these drugs was found after FDA approval through a high incidence of side effects.

There are now reports that the FDA is approving fewer new drugs “spurred by an ‘increased conservatism’ on safety issues” by the FDA.

However, at the Brandi Law Firm, we believe that safety of drugs and medical devices should be of the utmost importance when potentially approving a drug for sale in the United States.

Dalkon Shield – the Dalkon Shield was a birth control intrauterine device (IUD) marketed in the 1970s which rendered high percentages of women infertile due to a defect in its design.  The Brandi Law Firm helped secure settlements for over 300 women affected by this product and Thomas Brandi was appointed to serve on behalf of plaintiffs in Dalkon Shield class action matters in Virginia.

Fen-Phen – this was a weight loss drug prescribed heavily in the 1990s which was shown to increase heart and heart valve problems.  There, Mr. Brandi was Court appointed to serve on the plaintiffs’ Management Committee in the California Diet Drug Litigation where thousands of individuals were victimized by the diet pill.

Vioxx – this nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) was used for chronic aches and pains and marketed as a drug that didn’t adversely effect the gastrointestinal system.  In 2004, it was withdrawn from the market because of concerns about increased risk of heart attack and stroke associated with long-term, high-dosage use.  Thomas Brandi was Court appointed to the Plaintiff’s Management Committee in the California  Vioxx Litigation where he tried one of the two Vioxx cases to go to verdict in California.

The Brandi Law Firm is actively representing people who have been adversely effected by the Avandia Diabetes Drug, DePuy Hip Recall, Fosamax Osteoporosis Drug, Yaz Birth Control, and Zicam Cold Drug.

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Hopefully, in the future companies will better test their products prior to putting them to market and the FDA will continue set a high standard for safety.