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Many of our cases come from attorney referral at every stage of the litigation, from the very beginning to the eve of trial. We value our joint venture and referral relationships and believe that clients get the benefits of our efforts and the referring attorneys receive the benefits allowed by state bar.

Every attorney referral is different with regards to the level of involvement the referring attorney prefers to maintain. We are flexible and are always open to new working relationships.

Over the past three years, The Brandi Law Firm has distributed well over $5 million in co-counsel or referring fees. Below are some recent results of cases that were referred to our lawyers.

Results Of Referred Cases

Family v. State of California – $29,277,391.12 verdict
Horrific crossover accident striking a car carrying a woman and three children under 12. Two of the children were killed and the third was paralyzed and suffered permanent brain damage. The jury found that the State should have placed a center median barrier on the road which would have prevented this accident.

Pedestrian v. Driver, State of California – $26.6 million verdict
Our client was struck while in the crosswalk by a vehicle that had the green light. Evidence at trial showed that the State of California did not provide enough time for pedestrians to cross the street legally. Our client suffered significant injuries including a permanent brain injury.

Passenger v. Ford Motor Company – $18.3 million verdict
Our client, a 34-year-old musician, was a belted rear passenger in a 15-person van when he was paralyzed during a rollover due a defective seat latch.

Passenger v. Engineering Company – $15.3 million verdict
Our teenage client suffered severe brain injuries due to a defectively designed roadway.

Family v. City of San Francisco – $15 million verdict
We represented the families of an adult and four children under 7 years old who perished in a fire that was allowed to spread due to inadequate maintenance in a public housing unit in San Francisco.

Pedestrian v. Driver – $10.5 million
Our client was struck by a left-turning transport truck while within the crosswalk. He suffered massive injuries requiring multiple surgeries as well as a traumatic brain injury.

User v. Dietary Supplement Manufacturer – $3.4 million
Our client took a commonly advertised dietary supplement that was defective and required her to get a liver transplant.

Doe v. Pepper Spray Manufacturer – $6.225 million
Our 22-year-old client was attacked by a Rottweiler while walking on the sidewalk, suffering major injuries including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her pepper spray failed to activate due to a defect in design.

Parents v. Camp Facility – $3.7 million
A 6-year-old girl drowned due to the negligence of camp staff.

Truckdriver v. Truckdriver – $2.65 million
Our client was struck by a left-turning semi truck and was ejected from his cab, causing life-threatening injuries. This policy limits settlement was hotly contested because the defendants claimed our client ran a red light.

Pedestrian v. Driver – $2.25 million
Mr. Pedestrian was struck while within a marked but uncontrolled crosswalk on Mission Street in Daly City, California. Our client suffered severe injuries including spinal fractures and a permanent moderate traumatic brain injury.

Motorcyclist v. Helmet Manufacturer – $1.6 million
Our client suffered severe brain injuries when she fell from a motorcycle when wearing a defective helmet.

Driver v. City of Barstow – $1.15 million
Our 25-year-old client was traveling when she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from an improperly designed roadway curve.