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When Bicycles And Cars Collide

The most dangerous thing to a bicyclist is the car next to them. Cars have blind spots and are not nimble. Often, drivers aren’t looking out for or sharing the road with bicyclists. Regardless of the reason, the result can be catastrophic for the rider. A rider lacks a protective cocoon enjoyed by the vehicle driver. A car-bicycle collision is an unfair contest where the bicyclist always loses.

The Brandi Law Firm‘s lawyers only represent the bicyclist in such cases. We understand the mechanics of bicycle accidents and use the best experts in the field to help explain to the jury exactly how collisions occur.

Our Thorough Investigations Include Many Factors

Our lawyers do more than just look at the interaction between the vehicle and bicycle to determine how the collision occurred. Many municipalities have taken great steps to protect cyclists by creating buffer zones, dedicated lanes, and pavement markings that address the bike/car conflict.

In every case, we also examine the roadway marking and delineations, or their absence, to determine whether there was another contributing factor to the bicyclist’s injury. When a legal claim against a government entity is warranted, we are ready to pursue one with perseverance and ample documentation.

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Will your injury claim be directed toward another driver, a municipality or another potentially liable party? Discuss your bicycle accident and its causes with one of our personal injury attorneys.

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