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Financial Abuse

It is a sad fact that some people prey on the vulnerable elderly for their own personal gain. When someone takes advantage of the trust of an elderly person and bilks them out of hard-earned money and property, The Brandi Law Firm is here to provide skilled legal representation.

  • Investment financial abuse: With the recent economic downturn and the revelation that several prominent investment firms may have been involved in Ponzi schemes, the financial abuse of elderly people is becoming increasingly apparent. An unscrupulous business could quickly destroy the financial independence of the elderly by offering inappropriate investment opportunities. Mortgage brokers misrepresent the benefits of a reverse mortgage, cheating people out of a home they worked a lifetime to own.
  • Annuities: Due to the volatility in the stock market, some companies are advising elderly clients to take their money out of stocks and put them into annuities. Unfortunately, these are hazardous investments for older people, since they accrue over the long term.
  • Family financial abuse: Many people spend a lifetime building financial independence and securing wealth to pass on to future generations. These individuals have the right to remain independent and make decisions regarding the distribution of their assets. When a family member pressures an elderly relative for a power of attorney and then uses that power of attorney to defraud, we fight back for justice.
  • Unscrupulous business practices: Salespeople and companies often target elderly people who are easily confused, selling them useless or unnecessary products. Banks or financial institutions could take fees and other charges from elderly clients illegally, thinking they will not notice the missing money. Medical providers sometimes bill higher rates for services to the elderly, or may bill for services not rendered. We aggressively investigate and hold providers accountable for these practices.

We represent elderly people and their families in nursing home neglect and financial abuse cases throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.