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More Cases In Which We Protected The Injured

Beyond widely recognized personal injury cases, The Brandi Law Firm also handles other matters where people have been physically or financially injured due to the actions of others. Our basic principle is to represent those who need a voice and to never hesitate to speak truth to power.

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Review a sampling of our favorable case outcomes below. Get in touch with one of our attorneys by calling 888-309-1224 or completing our simple online inquiry form.


California Class Members v. Bank of America – $1.382 billion verdict
This class included over 1 million California recipients of Social Security direct deposit benefits and alleged inappropriate deductions.

Employee Collective Action v. National Manufacturer/Distributor – Confidential
National wage and hour action for violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act by misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime pay.

Bystander v. Construction Company – $5.3 million
Our 26-year-old client was severely injured when she was struck by an errant piece of lumber at a worksite.

User v. Dietary Supplement Manufacturer – $3.4 million
Our client took a commonly advertised dietary supplement that was defective and required her to get a liver transplant.

Worker v. Construction Company – $2.6 million
Worker was injured on the job by the negligent installation of equipment by a subcontractor.

Driver and Passenger v. Construction Company – $1.4 million
Our clients were injured when they were struck by another vehicle due to the negligent striping and signing at a roadway construction site.

Corporation v. Firm – $1.3 million
Action against a firm for employing an expert witness who falsified credentials.

Family v. Insurance Company – $1.25 million verdict
Action for life insurance proceeds that were improperly withheld.

Parents v. Equipment Manufacturer – $1 million
Wrongful death of a 21-year-old killed by defective machinery while on the job.

6 Users v. Health Food Supplement – $1 million each

8 Users v. Diet Drug Manufacturer – $1 million each

Firefighter v. Property Owner – $981,900
Our client was injured by the illegal modifications of a burning building.

Volunteer v. Contractor, et al. – $532,500
Our client was volunteering to help build a playground when a piece of equipment fell on her hand and arm, requiring surgery and amputation.

Customer v. Restaurant – Confidential Settlement
Our client slipped and fell in the restroom on water left by an employee, causing severe back injuries that required surgery.

Tourist v. Winery – $335,000
Our client was on a private tour of a winery when he slipped and fell over winemaking equipment, causing significant injuries.