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The Hazards Of Deficient Signs And Signals

The Brandi Law Firm has extensive and unique experience with cases involving deficient signs and signals. We have successfully represented drivers and pedestrians whose injuries were caused or worsened because of deficient signing or signals.

Attorney Thomas Brandi was formerly a lawyer for the California Department of Transportation and has contributed much information to our whole firm on how to proceed in these complex areas.

Investigating A Car Accident Involving Deficient Signs Or Signals

Our lawyers investigate all possible causes of an accident: the cars involved, the roadway, the signage, and any human factors. An accident can be caused by the failure of a turn signal, red light, or pedestrian crossing signal to be long enough given the traffic conditions. An accident can occur because of signals that are malfunctioning or provide inadequate lighting to the roadway or notice to the driver. Fault can be established for a municipalities’ failure to erect a sign after notice of a significant number of prior accidents or for posting the sign in a way that is not visible to motorists or pedestrians.

Furthermore, these types of cases are more difficult and complex than those against private parties. Public entities can be immune from lawsuits through legislation and have a shorter statute of limitations in which to file suit and particular filing requirements. Our reputation for success in these types of cases often leads other lawyers to refer cases to us to litigate.

Did Deficient Signs Or Signals Cause Your Accident? Our Injury Attorneys Can Help.

Our lawyers investigate possible public entity liability due to deficient signs or signals in every case. It can be the cause of an accident or the injuries, and it is often overlooked in the analysis of an accident.

Entrust your auto accident case to our lawyers, who will include a close consideration of potential roadway defects in your case’s investigation. Call us at 888-309-1224 or email us to request a free consultation.