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California Class Members v. Bank of America – $1.382 billion verdict
This class included over 1 million California recipients of Social Security direct deposit benefits and alleged inappropriate deductions.

Family v. State of California – $29,277,391.12 verdict
Horrific crossover accident striking a car carrying a woman and three children under 12. Two of the children were killed and the third was paralyzed and suffered permanent brain damage. The jury found that the state should have placed a center median barrier on the road which would have prevented this accident.

Pedestrian v. Driver, State of California – $26.6 million verdict
Our client was struck while in the crosswalk by a vehicle that had the green light. Evidence at trial showed that the State of California did not provide enough time for pedestrians to cross the street legally. Our client suffered significant injuries including a permanent brain injury.

Passenger v. Ford Motor Company – $18.3 million verdict
Our client, a 34-year-old musician, was a belted rear passenger in a 15-person van when he was paralyzed during a rollover due a defective seat latch.

Passenger v. Engineering Company – $15.3 million verdict
Our teenage client suffered severe brain injuries due to a defectively designed roadway.

Family v. City of San Francisco – $15 million verdict
We represented the families of an adult and four children under 7 years old who perished in a fire that was allowed to spread due to inadequate maintenance in a public housing unit in San Francisco.

Pedestrian v. Driver – $10.5 million
Our client was struck by a left-turning transport truck while within the crosswalk. He suffered massive injuries requiring multiple surgeries as well as a traumatic brain injury.

Husband and Wife v. State of California – $8.257 million
Our clients were struck by an uninsured motorist who crossed over a median on a California highway that we contended should have had a median barrier. Investigation revealed that the significant accident history called for a median barrier under California road design standards, but the State failed to install one and prevent this collision. Our client suffered significant orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury.

Parents v. City of San Francisco and State of California – $7.1 million
All three of the plaintiffs’ children (aged 11, 17, and 20) were killed when a tow truck catapulted off of a road next to a freeway in San Francisco and landed on the vehicle carrying the children, killing them instantly. After the lawsuit, the defendants fixed the roadway condition that caused the accident so that this never happens to another family.

Doe v. Pepper Spray Manufacturer – $6.225 million
Our 22-year-old client was attacked by a Rottweiler while walking on the sidewalk, suffering major injuries including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her pepper spray failed to activate due to a defect in design.

Bystander v. Construction Company – $5.3 million
Our 26-year-old client was severely injured when she was struck by an errant piece of lumber at a worksite.

Driver and Passenger v. State of California – 5.2 million
Couple was seriously injured by a crossover vehicle, and the State was liable due to the absence of a median barrier.

Bicyclist v. State of California – $5 million
Wrongful death of a bicyclist who was riding with a friend on the shoulder. We contended that the State should have provided barrier protection for bicyclists allowed to travel on high-speed freeway shoulders on bridge approaches.

Parents v. Camp Facility – $3.7 million
A 6-year-old girl drowned due to the negligence of camp staff.

Pedestrian v. Utility Company – $3.6 million
Our client was walking along the sidewalk when an underground transformer exploded, causing severe burns.

User v. Dietary Supplement Manufacturer – $3.4 million
Our client took a commonly advertised dietary supplement that was defective and required her to get a liver transplant.

In re In Re Alaska Airlines Flight 261 – $3 million
Represented parents of an adult child killed when a defective bolt failed on a commercial flight, causing it to crash.

Truckdriver v. Truckdriver – $2.65 million
Our client was struck by a left-turning semi truck and was ejected from his cab, causing life-threatening injuries. This policy limits settlement was hotly contested because the defendants claimed our client ran a red light.

Worker v. Construction Company – $2.6 million
Worker was injured on the job by the negligent installation of equipment by a subcontractor.

Family v. Tire Repair Shop and State of California – $2.3 million verdict
Our clients lost their husband and father when he was killed by a combination of an inadequate road shoulder and the placement of two new tires on the front of the vehicle (industry standards require the best tires to be on the rear).

Pedestrian v. Driver – $2.25 million
Mr. Pedestrian was struck while within a marked but uncontrolled crosswalk on Mission Street in Daly City, California. Our client suffered severe injuries including spinal fractures and a permanent moderate traumatic brain injury.

Firefighter v. Firetruck Manufacturer – $2.2 million
Fireman suffered severe orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury due to a defectively designed drive shaft.

Motorcyclist v. Police Department – $2 million
Our client was stopped in traffic when she was rear-ended by an on-duty police officer, suffering significant spinal and hip injuries.

Pedestrian v. Private Bus Company – $2 million
Our client was struck while legally within a crosswalk in San Francisco. She was 64 years old at the time, legally blind, and was accompanied by a service dog. As a result of the impact, she suffered significant orthopedic injuries and permanent loss of taste and smell.

Bicyclist v. State of California – $1.85 million
A 16-year-old was killed while riding her bike in a marked crosswalk that was unsafe due to the lack of signals and other devices warning of her presence.

Driver v. State of California – $1.825 million
Our client was injured because of a dangerous gravel median next to a highway.

Husband and Wife v. Driver – $1.675 million
Settlement of a wrongful death of a 71-year-old wife and personal injuries to the surviving husband when their vehicle was struck by another car.

Motorcyclist v. Helmet Manufacturer – $1.6 million
Our client suffered severe brain injuries when she fell from a motorcycle when wearing a defective helmet.

Wife v. Equipment Company – $1.4 million
Husband of our client was killed while operating a rented defective backhoe in his yard.

Driver and Passenger v. Construction Company – $1.4 million
Our clients were injured when they were struck by another vehicle due to the negligent striping and signing at a roadway construction site.

Passenger v. Taxi Driver and Taxi Company – $1.3 million
Ms. Passenger was seriously injured when the cab she was traveling in collided with a van in San Francisco.

Corporation v. Firm – $1.3 million
Action against a firm for employing an expert witness who falsified credentials.

Family v. Insurance Company – $1.25 million verdict
Action for life insurance proceeds that were improperly withheld.

Driver v. City of Barstow – $1.15 million
Our 25-year-old client was traveling when she suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from an improperly designed roadway curve.

Driver v. Driver – $1.1 million
Our client, an 81-year-old man, suffered significant orthopedic injuries after an automobile collision.

Driver v. State of California – $1.1 million
Our 57-year-old client was injured due to defectively designed intersection.

Parents v. Vehicle Repair Shop – $1.030 million
Wrongful death of an infant due to defectively repaired brakes.

Bicyclist v. Truck – $1 million
Bicyclist was killed when struck by the mirror of a passing truck and then run over. The truck left the scene believing there was no contact.

Husband v. Airplane Manufacturer – $1 million verdict
Our client’s wife was killed in a small plane crash due to a defective engine crankcase.

Pedestrian v. Private Bus Company – $1 million
Our 78-year-old client was within the crosswalk when he was struck by a bus and suffered orthopedic and internal injuries.

Parents v. Equipment Manufacturer – $1 million
Wrongful death of a 21-year-old killed by defective machinery while on the job.

6 Users v. Health Food Supplement – $1 million each

8 Users v. Diet Drug Manufacturer – $1 million each

Parents v. Horse Stable – $1 million
Our clients lost their 5-year-old daughter when she was thrown from a horse during a lesson. Evidence showed that the horse was young, inexperienced, and the wrong choice for such a young rider.

Firefighter v. Property Owner – $981,900
Our client was injured by the illegal modifications of a burning building.

Bicyclist v. City of San Francisco and State of California – $925,000
Our client was paralyzed after he hit a sign that was in a dangerous condition.

Pedestrian v. Bus Public Entity – $751,000
Our 63-year-old client was walking within the crosswalk south of Market Street in San Francisco when she was struck and dragged by a left-turning bus. The defendants contended that she entered the crosswalk on the “Don’t Walk” and that her injuries were a result of prior medical issues. We used expert testimony to debunk the defendant’s claims.

Family v. Residential Care Facility – $750,000
Our clients’ mother died as a result of inattention by the on-duty staff and nurses.

Tourist v. Private Tour Bus – $700,000
Our Australian client was on a tour bus when it stopped short, causing a severe elbow fracture.

Pedestrian v. Bus Public Entity – $650,000
Our client was in the crosswalk in the San Francisco Financial District when she was struck by a right-turning bus. Defendants alleged that she jaywalked and the onboard video showed her out of the crosswalk at impact. She suffered a fractured skull and permanent traumatic brain injuries.

Passenger v. Driver – $650,000
Our 89-year-old client was involved in a motor vehicle accident that broke her legs and sternum and dislocated her shoulder.

Volunteer v. Contractor, et al. – $532,500
Our client was volunteering to help build a playground when a piece of equipment fell on her hand and arm, requiring surgery and amputation.

Family v. Alzheimer’s Facility – $500,000
The family’s mother was mistreated and allowed to be abused.

Bicyclist v. Driver – $489,000 verdict
Our client was doored while legally riding in San Francisco. The evidence showed that the driver failed to take reasonable steps to see the bicycle rider.

Family v. Residential Care Facility – $400,000
Our clients’ relative was struck in the leg by an attendant, eventually requiring amputation.