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Premises Liability

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property in a safe condition to protect tenants, guests, and visitors from injury caused by dangerous property conditions. Premises liability law can be complicated and varies depending on whether the injuries took place on a publicly owned property or private land. Examples of hazards on properties include slippery or uneven walkways, poor lighting, building code violations, and inadequate signage or security. At The Brandi Law Firm, our lawyers have protected the rights and interests of persons injured on both public and private property for decades.

Whether an injury occurs in a residential home, public area, commercial business or any other type of property, an owner of property has an obligation to keep the property free of avoidable dangers and to warn people of potential risks. Business owners should keep their floors dry and free of tripping hazards and should put out warning signs when cleaning the floors. Property owners also have a duty to take appropriate security measures to protect against foreseeable crime, which includes providing adequate lighting and security measures to deter criminals.

We have the expertise and knowledge to effectively advocate on behalf of those injured as a result of a dangerous condition of property, and our reputation in the legal community is that we take significant cases and aggressively fight for our clients to obtain the compensation they deserve.